Master of Arts in Education

Middle and Secondary Education

If you hold a Bachelor’s degree in a general subject such as Math, Social Studies, Economics, Business, History, English, French, Spanish, or Science and you want to hone your instructional skills, consider earning a Master of Arts in Middle and Secondary Education degree. Courses in this program are cohort-based, meaning you will have the opportunity to work in close partnership with fellow students and faculty, which mirrors the professional settings of the classroom.

Why get a masters degree
  • Chris McGrath, MA-Education '14
    I came into the Accelerated Secondary Program with a strong desire to teach. The outstanding faculty at Edgewood College was able to take that raw passion for teaching and make me a competent professional in the classroom. Before I had even finished the program, I had been offered and accepted a job at an area high school that is the perfect fit for me. I know that I owe a great deal of credit for landing this position to the outstanding faculty of Edgewood College, as well as to my classmates in ASP, who have helped me to learn so much about teaching and about myself over the last 16 months.
    Chris McGrath, MA-Education '14