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Master of Arts in Education

Bilingual Education


Completing your Masters in Bilingual Education will give you valuable skills to become a leader of Bilingual Education in your school or district. Educators and administrators will have the ability to meet the unique needs of English Language Learners in specific areas of instruction.


Tuition Reductions Available!

In response to a critical need in Wisconsin schools, Edgewood College has redesigned our tuition structure, allowing for a 42% reduction in graduate tuition for our Reading, ESL and Bilingual Education license certification programs. This cost reduction offers you one of the most competitively priced ways to complete these licenses in the state.

At just $550 per credit, you can now complete your entire Bilingual Education 023 license certification at Edgewood College for $10,014. Only 5 additional classes would be required to obtain your Master’s Degree.

Thank you for your interest in the Master of Arts in Education in Bilingual Education!

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